Thursday, 23 January 2020

Icelandair doesn't expect to have a 737 Max flying this summer.

In the light of recent news from Boeing regarding the ongoing safety issues with the 737 Max aircraft and its discussions with the FAA and international aviation authorities, Icelandair does not expect the MAX in operation within its route network during the high season of summer. 
This will have a minimal impact on Icelandair’s flight schedule the carrier says, as it was set up with the aim to minimize the impact of a possible further delay in the 737 max getting approval to fly.  In addition, Icelandair has already entered into leasing agreements regarding three Boeing 737-800 aircraft and a decision has been made to keep more Boeing 757 aircraft in operation during the year than originally planned.

The financial impact of yet another delay is expected to be a lot less than last year, mainly because it wasn't such a last-minute rush to get the aircraft as it was in 2019 and these extra aircraft will be crewed by Icelandair's own staff instead of external crews.

The airline has already agreed on interim arrangements with Boeing regarding compensation for losses caused by the 737 Max groundings, which were offered at lower rates than the manufacturer has agreed with other operators, according to local reports. Icelandair is "continued discussions with Boeing regarding further compensation are ongoing."

Icelandair says it will continue to concentrate on the tourism market to Iceland and the firm expects to carry at least as many passengers to Iceland this year as it did last year. 

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