Thursday, 2 January 2020

Don't worry there is plenty of room...................... Or maybe not. Investigation underway into ground collision at Toronto Pearson Airport.

An investigation is underway at Toronto Pearson Airport after a ground collision between two Air Canada aircraft was caught on video on Friday, December 27th.

A Boeing 777 registration C-FIUL was being towed when its wing hit the tail of one of the carriers Airbus A321 aircraft, registration C-GJWO that was packed on the apron, some distance from the terminal.  The force of the collision was sufficient to actually turn the A321 around and whilst the towed 777 slowed,  it didn't stop after the strike.

Air Canada has said that "Both aircraft were empty at the time and there were no injuries,” whilst the 777 had minor damage and returned to service shortly after the incident, the Airbus is still being repaired.”

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