Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Dimmable aircraft windows coming soon to Airbus aircraft

Gentex Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of electronically dimmable windows (EDWs) for the aerospace industry, announced that Airbus is now offering the Company’s latest generation of electrochromic windows on its aircraft.

EDW's are designed to eliminate the need for traditional shades and allow passengers to self darken the windows electronically. The Gentex EDWs feature high-speed transition between clear and dark and a new ultra-dark low-end transmission. Compared to previous designs, these latest EDWs darken twice as fast and become 100 times darker, effectively eliminating more than 99.999% of visible light.

The Airbus EDWs were uniquely designed to be one, single line-replaceable unit in order to make installation and maintenance easier. They also feature a longer-lasting, scratch-resistant dust cover. “We worked together with Airbus to integrate the latest dimmable windows technology while further enhancing it with an additional speciality coating,” said Gentex President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Downing. “The windows benefit aircraft operators and passengers alike, which ultimately enhances the user experience for everyone on board.”

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