Saturday, 4 January 2020

Delta aircraft slides off taxiway at Austin Straubel Airport, Green Bay.

Photo WBAY Staff

            A Delta Air Lines aircraft has suffered an excursion off an icy taxiway on Saturday morning at  Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

According to airport officials, DL1770 was carrying 101 passengers and was taxiing for departure when the aircraft partially left the taxiway, due to icy conditions.  The aircraft was heading to Atlanta when it left the main taxiway at around 0615 this morning.  There were no reports of any injuries to either passengers or crew during the incident and passengers were bussed back to the terminal where Delta staff were accommodating them on other flights.

An investigation is underway into the causes and if the weather, reported to be freezing drizzle at the time, played any part in the excursion.  Delta responded with the following statement, “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay of Delta flight 1770. Our teams in Green Bay, Wis. quickly worked with airport officials to safely deplane customers onto buses to be reaccommodated on an alternate aircraft.”

Delta maintenance teams will now examine the Boeing 717-200 aircraft for any potential damage. 

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