Thursday, 9 January 2020

Bumpy ride for passengers on Japan Airlines Commuter ATR42......

The end of Japan Air Commuter (JAC) flight JAC/3X3830 from Kikaijima to Amami was a rather bumpy affair when the ATR42-600 left the runway upon landing for 15 metres or so and got stuck in the mud.

The incident happened at around 1000 local time on Wednesday 8th  and there were 18 passengers and three crew on board at the time and according to reports, nobody was injured and all were able to leave the aircraft unaided. 

JAC issued the following statement, "After landing on JC3830 flight (Kikaijima to Amami Oshima) arriving at Amami Airport on January 8, 2020 (Wed), the aircraft deviated from the runway and became unable to self-propelled.

Along with the runway in this effect has been closed, to taking off and landing the same airport in addition to the flight , such as cancelled is generated, including the customers of the service, many of our customers, We apologize for any inconvenience."

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) have termed this as a 'serious incident' and the JCSAB launched a team of investigators to look into the excursion.

Weather at the airport at the time of the incident was reported to have been windy and early indications are that the aircraft was hit by a sudden crosswind gust.

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