Friday, 10 January 2020

2019 Was a Year of Growth and Quality for Sheremetyevo

There is no doubt that for Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow that 2019 was a very good year.  The number of passengers served increasing by 8.9 % over 2018, to 49.9 million*. Takeoff and -landing operations (TLO) increased 8.2 percent in the same period, to 386,370.

In 2019, the passenger flow on international airlines was more than 26.6 million, an increase of 7.8 percent; growth on domestic airlines was 10.3 %, or more than 23.3 million. The most popular international destinations by the end of the year were Antalya, Yerevan, Paris, Beijing and Tel Aviv. The most popular domestic destinations were St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Sochi, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar.

Sheremetyevo is Russia's busiest airport and one of the world's best in terms of punctuality. The British research company OAG recognized Sheremetyevo as the most punctual airport in the world in the Mega Airports category (more than 30 million departing seats per year), with 87% of departures on time.

Sheremetyevo Airport was also recognized as the world leader in punctuality in 2019 by the Cirium analytical agency.

Between December 27, 2019 and January 8, 2020, the heavily-travelled New Year holiday season, Sheremetyevo Airport served 1.64 million passengers, with a total of 12,523 takeoff and -landing operations. The most popular international destinations during the holiday season were Phuket, Prague, Yerevan, Bangkok and Paris, with St. Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Simferopol the most popular domestic destinations.

Despite the extremely heavy passenger load on the busiest days, the vast majority of flights from Sheremetyevo during the New Year holiday season departed on schedule. The airport's operations services, Sheremetyevo Handling and other subsidiaries, worked intensively to ensure high-quality passenger transportation and uninterrupted takeoff and -landing operations.

In 2019, the following new airlines began operating flights to Sheremetyevo: Belavia, Brussels Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and Turkish Cargo. These flights have made Sheremetyevo a gateway to 19 new destinations.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of the TOP-10 airport hubs in Europe and the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and freight traffic. At the end of 2018, the airport served 45.8 million passengers, 14.3% more than in 2017. At the end of 2018, Sheremetyevo was rated best in quality of service among airports in Europe with a passenger flow of more than 40 million a year by the ASQ ACI program and was cited as one of the best airports in the world by the International Council of Airports. The British company Stasher rated it as the best airport in the world. It holds the highest 5-star rating by Skytrax.

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