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2019 in Alitalia's eyes.......

The financially troubled Italian carrier Alitalia closed 2019 with growth in both passenger traffic revenues (+ 1.7%) and long-haul passengers (+ 4.7%).  It was also a year also characterized by excellent operating performances has seen the carrier establish itself as the second most punctual airline in Europe and the seventh in the world. Yet,  even with these advances in operational performance, the financial situation is not as rosy and the future is most certainly not secure. 

Growth in revenues and long-haul passengers
The increase in revenues in 2019 was mainly driven by the intercontinental sector which in 2019 recorded a growth in turnover of 5.3% on 2018 and 14.7% compared to 2017.

Overall, in 2019, 21,293,078 passengers flew with Alitalia. In particular, 2,849,025 were transported on long-haul flights, with an increase of 4.7% on 2018 and 12.1% compared to 2017.

The month of December marked the 26th consecutive month of increase in intercontinental turnover, with a growth of 10% on December 2018 (and 18.3% on the last month of 2017).

With 82.2% of the flights landed on time, Alitalia was the second most punctual airline in Europe and the seventh in the world during 2019. Compared to the previous twelve months, Alitalia confirmed the European honor and rose one position in the world ranking, from eighth to seventh. This is a particularly flattering figure for the Italian airline, also in consideration of the three months of closure of the Milan Linate airport, which inevitably affected operating performance.

This was certified by the company Cirium , which acquired FlightStats, and which follows the "A14" methodology, that is, with an arrival tolerance of 14 minutes with respect to the scheduled landing time.

Drones and flight school
During 2019 Alitalia began to certify some maintenance workers as drone pilots. The company has in fact achieved the certification of flight school for remote piloting and in 2020 a fleet of drones will be used by Alitalia in the technical control of its aircraft. The inspection - with high resolution photos and videos and thermal sensors - will allow the company to significantly reduce the time being able to work on the airport area, without resorting to hospitalization in the hangar. The drone flight school is coordinated by four Alitalia long-range pilots who already have the necessary qualifications.

Cadet pilot courses continued for 53 flying school cadets. During the year the students started the second phase of the training process with the first "solo flights" made at the Rome Urbe airport.

Thirty three thousand tons of fuel that Alitalia saved in 2019 thanks to efficiency measures in the Operations area during the 193,832 annual flights. A significant amount which, in addition to a considerable cost saving, also corresponds to an important contribution at an environmental level, since it corresponds to a cut of about 105 thousand tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the equivalent of what would have been emitted into the air a truck capable of traveling eight rounds of the world every day of the year.

MilleMiglia and Apps
The MilleMiglia Program has reached the milestone of 6 million members worldwide. In Italy, the registered members are concentrated mainly in the regions of Lombardy, Lazio and Sicily, while at world level the countries with the most frequent flyers are the USA, Brazil and Japan. The prevailing age group is between 46 and 65 and the gender division is 57% men and 43% women.

During 2019, on the Alitalia Apps, the new MilleMiglia digital card was made available to earn miles more easily. Also thanks to this innovation in the last 18 months the rating of the Alitalia App, on the Apple and Google digital stores, has gone from a rating of 2.2 to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Customer satisfaction and international awards
During the twelve months of 2019, the surveys carried out with customers on the monitoring of the quality of the service offered showed an improvement in the overall customer satisfaction of ground and on board services (+2.8 percentage points on 2018) and in the net promoter score (+6.5 percentage points), the indicator that measures customers' willingness to recommend Alitalia to friends and relatives based on their experience.

Confirming the growing appreciation of Alitalia services, the American monthly Global Traveler awarded the company the "Best Business-Class Seat Design" awards (second consecutive year), for the convenience of the Magnifica-class seat, and the "Best Airline Cuisine" ( tenth consecutive year) for the quality of the meals offered on board and their combinations with the best
Italian wines

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