Friday, 6 December 2019

US news chopper forced to land after drone strike.

The Los Angeles Police Department is said to be investigating an incident where a drone struck part of the tail of an ABC7 news helicopter flying at around 1100 feet over the city on Thursday evening.

The helicopter had to make a precautionary landing following the incident at around 1915 yesterday evening.  Chris Cristi of ABC news tweeted "After some tense moments over downtown LA..., Air7HD has landed safely following a midair collision with a drone which has damaged our tail," Cristi tweeted. "Thankfully our crew is fine!"

The police are investigating the case as the drone's pilot seemingly violated several of the city's regulations for drone operations.  "It was a scary couple of minutes not knowing what happened," he said. "But it feels great to be back on the ground," Cristi said.

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