Friday, 13 December 2019

The UK's RAF assist in search for the Chilean Air Force plane that went missing on tuesday

A Chilean Air Force plane went missing on the 10th December 2019 en route to Antarctica with 17 crew and 21 passengers on board, the aircraft lost contact 450 miles into its journey to a military base on King George Island.

An A400M was requested to provide assistance by the Chilean military and landed in Chile yesterday to support the official search and rescue mission. A Liaison Team of military and civilian personnel also deployed on the A400M to assist in the search.

The RAF aircraft will conduct its first specialist reconnaissance flight today with trained personnel searching for signs of the missing aircraft, with the liaison team acting in support.

Met Office staff based in the Falkland Islands are providing forecast information to the Chilean Military.

The A400M is stationed at the British Forces South Atlantic Island base, the UK’s permanent presence on the overseas territory of the Falkland Islands.

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