Saturday, 28 December 2019

StudentUniverse announces 2019 Best Airlines for Students Awards

StudentUniverse, a Flight Centre Travel Group company and the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth, today announced the winners of its 2019 Best Airlines for Students awards.

Congratulations to StudentUniverse 2019 Best Airlines for Students Award winners.

The awardees were selected from all airlines available on through a survey conducted of over 3,000 StudentUniverse customers. Students and youth were asked to select their favourite airlines on a variety of categories including best value and best service, as well as one overall winner.

The 2019 Best Airlines for Students winners are:

Best Overall Airline Students & Youth: American Airlines

American Airlines has been a leading airline in the US for over 90 years. Now operating nearly 6,700 flights every day to more than 350 destinations, American Airlines has established itself as one of the leading travel brands. Voted as Best Overall Airline by students and youth, students ranked American Airlines as the best student airline for their value, service, reliability and overall experience. One student commented, “I've always flown American for international travel and sometimes in the US. I've always had a good experience. Plus, they have TVs and USB ports in front of each seat--which is GREAT.” Another student described American Airlines as “reliable, affordable, and flies to an array of locations.”

Best Overall Airline Students & Youth Runner-up: Delta Air Lines

With over 200 million travellers per year, Delta Air Lines consistently offers a world-class experience across a global network. As the runner-up for Best Overall Airline for Students & Youth, students commended Delta for great service and overall experience. One student said, “They are so kind and helpful and they go out of their way just to make sure you they took very good care of you while you are flying with them.”

Best Airline International Travel: Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines was also voted the number one airline for international travel by students and youth. With over 300 destinations in 50 different countries, Delta Air Lines is a global leader trusted by everyone from business travellers to students. And with a number of international airline partners in their SkyTeam alliance, Delta continues to offer more options for students worldwide.

Best Airline Travel in the US: American Airlines
Best Value for Students & Youth: American Airlines
Best Service for Students & Youth: American Airlines

From value and service to easy travel and excellent options provided, students were quick to deliver high praise for American Airlines: “Whenever I flew this airline was the cheapest and most direct flight. They were always friendly and accommodating,” one student wrote. Ease of travel and quality service were other qualities that students frequently praised American for. “American offers more flights to the locations I fly than anyone else. They offer good amenities for a great value.” Another student mentioned that “they have the best service for military members and hardly ever have delays.”

Students were also quick to praise American for exceptional and reliable service, which was reflected in their votes. “AA is my favourite airline because of the high-quality service it provides. I know that when I fly American Airlines, I will be well taken care of.”

We’d like to congratulate American Airlines and Delta Air Lines for winning our students’ votes and thank all of our airline partners for providing discounted flights for student and youth travellers around the world.

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