Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Snow drop arrives at 787 Dreamliner joins the a Red-crested Pochard lands

A New Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 

Last Saturday, KLM's fourth Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner arrived at Schiphol, directly from the Boeing factory in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The sustainable and energy-efficient aircraft with registration PH-BKF bears the name "Snow drop". Alongside the use of weight-saving materials, the optimisation of flight procedures, and the use of more sustainable biofuels, plus the KLM investment in a new fleet is the way to further reduce CO2 emissions. 

The 787 Dreamliner consumes up to 20% less fuel than other aircraft of similar size. In fact, compared to KLM’s B747-combi, the Dreamliner is 46% more fuel-efficient. And, the use of less fuel results in a comparable reduction in CO2 emissions. New engines, more lightweight composite materials, and the latest developments in aerodynamics all contribute to the Dreamliner’s overall performance.

All KLM Dreamliners are named after flowers or flowering plants. With the arrival of Snow drop, KLM has seventeen Boeing 787s in its fleet: thirteen 787-9s and four 787-10s.

Earlier in the week KLM's thirty-first Boeing 737-800 arrived at Schiphol, directly from the Boeing factory in Seattle. The aircraft with registration PH-BCL bears the name "Red-crested Pochard".  

All KLM 737 aircraft are named after birds. The four new NGs, the type with which KLM has had good experiences, feature a completely new interior with larger luggage bins, modern LED lighting, new seats with an adjustable headrest for extra comfort and USB power with every seat. With the arrival of Red-crested Pochard, KLM has fifty-two Boeing 737s in its fleet: sixteen 737-700’s, thirty-one 737-800’s and five 737-900’s.

Photo: Desril Santoso Teguh

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