Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Search teams face bad weather in hunt for Chilean Air Force C-130

The search for a Chilean Air Force C-130 that went missing on Monday carrying 38 people is being hampered by bad weather. 

The aircraft was flying to the Antarctic when contact was lost around 1813 local time on Monday evening, somewhere within Drakes Passage.  The Chilean President has requested the air force to "do everything we can " to find the missing aircraft and the 38 passengers and crew. 

The Chilean air force has released a map of the path along with a timeline as the search goes on.  "It's very important to know what happened. - There will be no limits to what we'll do to find out and to locate the plane." Defence Minister Alberto Espina said. 

According to local officials, 15 of the passengers were from the air force, 3 were soldiers, 2 were civilians from a construction firm and 1 was a student. 

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