Sunday, 1 December 2019

Cameroon Airlines passenger aircraft shot at.

A Cameroon passenger aircraft came under fire from separatists as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country at 1040 local time Sunday morning, according to news agency Reuters.

The aircraft, registration TJ- QDB, was performing a scheduled flight from Douala and according to the airline, it landed safely with no casualties to passengers or crew.  The aircraft was taken out of service to be checked for any damage.  “Thanks to the bravery of the captain, the aircraft was able to land smoothly despite the impact on its fuselage,” Camair later said.  Local news sources reported that there were some bullet holes on the left side of the MA60 aircraft's fuselage, with some bullets in the cabin, they also report bullets hitting the left wing, with some damage. 

The local separatists claim to have warned the airline and passengers that unless Cameroon Airlines notify them of flight schedules ahead of time,  they will attack the aircraft, in a dramatic escalation of the tensions in the region. "If we cannot confirm, we will consider all planes coming in as a security risk.  This is war" a spokesperson for the group said.

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