Monday, 9 December 2019

Aeroflot: Young Traveller magazine wins Media Leader 2019 award

“Aeroflot: Young Traveller”, Aeroflot’s in-flight magazine for children, took first place in the key “Best Magazine for Customers” category at the International Media Leader 2019 corporate media competition. The awards ceremony was held in Moscow during the annual Press Service 2019: New Technologies for PR Work conference.

Now in its third year, the Media Leader competition is attended by representatives of both in-house corporate media created for employees, as well as media designed to attract customers and investors. In 2019, the competition committee received more than 300 applications across 22 categories.

“Aeroflot: Young Traveller” won the prestigious category due to its innovative concept and design. The magazine is a regular publication distributed onboard Aeroflot aircraft, and is aimed at a children's audience – a priority passenger category for the Russian flagship airline.

The magazine uses an accessible and entertaining format to tell young readers about the kinds of journeys that are made possible by air travel. Young passengers are guided through the world of travel by two animal characters: a pilot (an Amur tiger named Amur) and a flight attendant (an Amur leopard named Leia). The choice of animals is deliberate – these are rare species living in the far East of Russia, and Aeroflot pays special attention to their protection.

In addition to its trademark characters, the publication features a balance of educational and entertainment materials, a large number of unique illustrations, and an interactive design. Thanks to these features, the magazine has won the love of young Aeroflot customers and their parents alike.

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