Friday, 27 September 2019

Hackers allegedly tried to get in to Airbus systems and steal secrets.

According to the French AFP news agency, there has been a large number of cyberattacks on the European planemaker Airbus in the past few months. With many attacks conducted via the computer systems of its suppliers, security sources say. 

Airbus has confirmed the company was aware of cyber events and like any major company of its kind, was a regular target for such malicious acts. A spokesperson said the firm “continuously monitors” cyber threats through detection systems and takes “immediate and appropriate measures to protect itself at all times,”. 

According to AFP, unnamed security advisers said the attacks on Airbus in recent months were mounted via French technology consultancy Expleo, engine maker Rolls Royce, and two French subcontractors which were not named.  The report indicates that it believes the attacks could have come from China, although China has repeatedly denied involvement in hacking activities. 

The AFP didn't say whether the attacks on Airbus had actually led to any data breaches or had any impact on its operations. Airbus refused to answer questions on how deep into thir systems the attacks of recent weeks penetrated. 

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