Monday, 19 August 2019

Aviation Week Network Expands Urban Air Mobility Conferences to Asia and Europe Starting Next Month

logo.pngAviation Week Network has expanded its Urban Air Mobility conference series to include Urban Air Mobility Asia-Pacific (#UAMAP), happening on Wednesday, September 25 at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre; and Urban Air Mobility Europe (#UAMEU), happening Wednesday, October 16 at the ExCeL Centre in London.

These shows come on the heels of the great success of the inaugural Urban Air Mobility Conference, which was held this past April in Atlanta, Georgia. The upcoming conferences will feature some of the biggest players in the industry including:

Neo Kok Beng, Founder and CEO, NEO Aeronautics
Damian Cheng, Project Manager, Crimson S8, NEO Aeronautics
Peter Littau, Head of Strategic Expansion, Volocopter
Dr. James Wang, Professor and Director of eVTOL Research & Innovation Center, Nanyang Technological University
Derrick Xiong, Co-Founder, EHang


Harini Kulatunga, Head of UK UAM, Airbus
Rui Roosien, R&D Consultant, Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR
Sameer Savani, Head of Innovation and Engineering, ADS Group
David Tait, Innovation Strategy Lead, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Antonios Tsourdos, Director of Research, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Head of the Centre for Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems, Cranfield University.
The conference series, the only of its kind, addresses whether Urban Air Mobility is the answer to the problem of dense urban spaces and congested transportation systems in the world’s major cities.

“From vehicles to systems and infrastructure, from entrepreneurial startups to industry giants, NASA estimates more than 400 companies are already engaged in the emerging urban air mobility market. The challenges are huge, but the potential of UAM is enormous and the progress being made is real,” said Graham Warwick, Managing Editor for Technology, Aviation Week Network.

The UAM conferences bring together manufacturers, regulators, disruptors, technology innovators, municipal leaders, and the infrastructure and investment community working together to create on-demand electrification and aviation for smart cities and a new future for manned and unmanned air transportation.  Attracting the major players in this new sector, the conference is a must-attend for those in the industry.

“We expanded the Urban Air Mobility series based on demand from our partners in Asia and Europe who are players in this transformative industry,” said Lydia Janow, Managing Director, Events, Aviation Week Network.   “Attendees and speakers are the pioneers in urban air mobility and they are looking forward to gathering to learn, share knowledge and make valuable contacts.”

The sector is now at a stage where prototypes are being invested in to prepare for commercialization and deployment throughout the world.  Leaders in the urban air industry will offer attendees a peak into the future of air taxis and other new types of air transportation.

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