Monday, 22 July 2019

Southwest plans for 737 Max to be out of use through to November now.

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The US budget carrier has followed the other US airlines and now extended its period of not scheduling the Boening 737 Max until the start of November.

The airline says it continues to monitor information from Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the impending 737 MAX software enhancements and training requirements. It also confirms it remains confident that, once certified by the FAA, the enhancements will support the safe operation of the MAX.

"We previously revised our flight schedule by removing the MAX through Oct. 1 to offer reliability to our operation and stability for our Customers. With the timing of the MAX’s return-to-service still uncertain, we are again revising our plans to remove the MAX from our schedule through Nov. 2."

"We offer our apologies to our customers impacted by this change, and we thank them for their continued patience."

This news comes while a big survey of Boeing 737 Max pilots is being conducted in Europe and the UK into how they feel about the twinjet and Boeing's attempts to rectify the airworthiness issues. 

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