Saturday, 6 July 2019

RAF F35 Lightnings deployed to Italy for training mission

Royal Air Force F-35 Lightning aircraft from 617 Squadron “The Dambusters” have arrived in Italy to conduct bilateral training with their Aeronautica Militare counterparts.

Two F-35 aircraft will operate from the Italian airbase in Amendola, having arrived after the successful conclusion of Exercise Lightning Dawn in Cyprus; the four other aircraft from the Cyprus deployment landed safely back at RAF Marham yesterday.  Amendola is home to 32 Stormo of the Italian Air Force, which also operates the F-35.

“I am delighted to welcome 617 Squadron of the RAF to Amendola.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to train together as partners and as NATO allies.” said Colonel Davide Marzinotto
32 Stormo commander

Italy and the UK were the first European operators of the 5th generation F-35 to declare Initial Operating Capability, with the Italian Air Force having reached this milestone in November 2018. 

Operating with the Aeronautica Militare reaffirms the close relationship the RAF has with the Italian Air Force. In addition to sharing the same aircraft in the F-35, the UK and Italy also fly the Eurofighter Typhoon, with both nations regularly committing the Typhoon to NATO Air Policing tasks in the Baltic, Iceland and in Romania.

Having been proven in operational sorties over Syria, 617 Squadron will use this training to further develop the Squadron’s ability to operate effectively at range from the UK and from an allied airbase. 

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