Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Inaugural Whisk & Bowl Brand Location Opens to Record Sales at DFW Airport

After a brisk build-out phase, Whisk & Bowl, a European-inspired bakery and pastry shop, opened its doors in DFW’s Terminal A. Boasting a large, colourful display of fresh-made pastries, brownies, cupcakes, mini and full-size bundt cakes, treats and local favourites including sweet and savory kolaches, Whisk & Bowl is as much as feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. Dark wood, European marble and intricate tile-work draw you in as much as the aromas of fresh baking that permeate the concourse near A14 all day long.

Proudly serving Green Beans Coffee, as well as Elevate Gourmet Brands’ trademark breakfast served fresh all day, Whisk & Bowl declares “We start every day with a whisk, a bowl and a taste for the sweeter things.”

Whisk & Bowl is also in the build-out phase with a kiosk location at DFW’s Terminal C, scheduled to open later this summer.

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