Tuesday, 23 July 2019

easyJet enter partnership deal with Traxo...

Traxo, the leader in travel data aggregation and itinerary intelligence, today announced a new partnership with easyJet, Europe’s leading airline.

With employees often booking flights directly on airline websites, corporate customers can benefit from having visibility of bookings made directly on easyJet’s website, via integrating the Traxo CONNECT platform to their internal systems.

Traxo’s platform solves a key challenge for companies whose employees opt to book their own business travel directly with travel suppliers like easyJet. When employees bypass their company’s corporate travel agency, those bookings are invisible to corporate travel managers.

Traxo CONNECT provides corporate travel managers with visibility of those previously “blind” bookings by bringing bookings made directly with the travel supplier into managed travel workflows and thus resolving the booking tracking challenges.

By leveraging Traxo’s proprietary FILTER technology on the company’s email server, the confirmation emails of bookings made directly with a travel supplier will be synced with Traxo CONNECT, enabling real-time spend and itinerary visibility for corporate clients, and data integration to downstream duty of care services.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that safety, a duty of care and value for money are key priorities for both corporate travel managers and their travelling employees,” said Andrea Caulfield-Smith, Head of Business Development for easyJet. “By partnering with Traxo, our corporate customers have the opportunity to use Traxo to get visibility of their business travel bookings which are made directly on easyJet’s website or mobile app and to get the most of both worlds – the same low fares and quality service they expect alongside the assurance of having visibility of those bookings and making them available to their duty of care provider for safety tracking.”

Traxo Founder and CEO Andres Fabris said, “We are excited to welcome easyJet as a preferred partner for our Traxo CONNECT platform, and help its corporate clients manage a more seamless, cost-effective direct booking option. This collaboration is a perfect example of how data-forward innovation is changing the landscape in corporate travel, and empowering companies with access to their business travel bookings.”

Traxo’s platform builds on a trend toward balancing traveller centricity and booking flexibility with duty of care requirements, which has been a growing pain point for corporate travel managers. As employees increasingly book “off-piste," enticed by travel supplier incentives and loyalty rewards, companies have been challenged to keep up with this off-channel booking activity. A 2018 study by GBTA indicated that 68% of corporate travellers booked air tickets directly with the airlines, with 44% citing better prices and more convenience as the reasons why. A vast majority (82%) indicated they felt it important that their companies know of these travel plans ahead of time, but only 47% indicated their companies have a system to capture these travel itinerary details.

“By making these business travel bookings available to our corporate clients and their risk management providers via Traxo CONNECT, we help them fill a critical gap in booking visibility and make these cost-effective direct bookings more practical,” noted Fabris. “At the same time, their employees are happier with the flexibility they get from booking directly with an airline. Happier employees and program savings are a win-win for everyone.”

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