Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Air Italy offers the new Fast Track online service at Milan Malpensa and Linate

In view of the high traffic of tourists due to the holidays, Air Italy wants to get travellers faster to their dream vacation this summer season.

Air Italy has become the first Italian airline to introduce purchasing of the Fast Track service directly on its website, thereby saving passengers even more time at the airport, and making the waiting for their next holiday departure more bearable and comfortable. The initiative comes in time to offer Milanese travellers some relief and a better airport experience when faced with the expected increased traffic at Malpensa airport during the temporary closure of Linate Airport.

“As we continue to grow and expand our network, we are also continually looking for new ways to enhance and streamline the travel experience for our passengers,” said Air Italy Chief Operating Officer, Rossen Dimitrov. “By being to enable our customers to purchase the Fast Track service on our website, we are reinforcing this goal, making their travel experience ever more seamless.”

The service, traditionally available via kiosks in both Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate prior to the security checking, is now available as an ancillary on the Air Italy website during the regular airline ticket booking flow, for €9.

Fast Track users are able to take advantage of a dedicated security checking queue, enabling passengers to reach their departure gates more quickly.

Traditionally Air Italy has offered this service as part of its MyAiritalyClub Silver (200 euros) and MyAiritalyClub Gold (500 euros) packages, or via its Frequent Flyer @MyAirItalyClub programme by redeeming Avios points.

However, it is now also available during the web check-in where customers can simply click on “online service” in the “before flying” section, exactly where they can choose their seat.

As an alternative, passengers can also purchase the service after the web check-in.

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