Monday, 17 June 2019

RAF Chinook helps with flood defences in Lincolnshire

Photo RAF

An RAF Chinook was deployed on June13th to try and stem the flow of water in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire and continued to be work alongside a Puma on June 14th to tackle the floods.

The Environment Agency confirmed that the river had breached its defences after more than double June’s average rainfall came down within three days. An assessment by the Lincolnshire Local Resilience Forum and Environment Agency decided that air support was needed to create a plug to stem the flow, while the evacuation of the village takes place. The RAF are able to reach an area that had become inaccessible to responders on the ground thanks to the unique heavy lift capability offered by the Chinook.

The RAF, with support from a Joint RAF and Army unit, are flying in almost 70, one-tonne bags of gravel suspended under a Chinook, dealing with adverse weather conditions. This operation is designed to reinforce the flood defences and drastically reduced the chances of further flooding, which has seen some residents evacuated from their homes.

Photo RAF
“The skilled RAF helicopter pilots and crew, have provided vital support to tackle the flooding in Lincolnshire. This will help the emergency services on the ground who are doing all they can to aid local residents,” said Penny Mordaunt, The Secretary of State for Defence.

Work continues in the affected area to ensure the safety of residents and members of the public, with the Environment Agency as the lead agency.

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