Saturday, 22 June 2019

Canada Jetlines to launch in the middle of December this year with bland new look

Canada Jetlines has revealed a brand new brand identity as it gears up for an official commercial launch date for December 17, 2019.

Gone are the nice colours, the clean and unique titles to be replaced by bland black and white hard type and claims to have introduced a cheeky, rebellious identity system, as well as a brand promise anchored in the unapologetic and honest truth: “Flying sucks less when you pay less”. As the firm aims to offer the lowest airfares in Canada, that brand promise doesn't seem to bode well for a successful future. It seems to be saying that it knows its product sucks.

The logo incorporates a face with a knowing smirk created from an upside-down plane -  the new system will cover every touchpoint of the brand experience from the livery to uniforms to signature luggage and humourous airsickness bags!

“Jetlines is fighting for Canadians by creating competition and rebelling against Canadian ultra high airfares. Our new brand promise and design reflect our core philosophy of pushing back against the status quo and giving Canadian travellers a brand that empowers them to make their own decisions,” noted Javier Suarez, CEO of Canada Jetlines. 

It seems the Jetlines might be targeting the Canadian millennials market sector, which might work, but then again, it didn't work Joon, with all the backing of Air France, so the future may not be so great for Jetlines where flying really sucks!

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