Friday, 24 May 2019

Squadrons from across NATO join together for massive excercisePho

Photo RAF

Personnel from 230 Squadron are joining their NATO colleagues in Mont De Marsan, France, for the annual Exercise NATO Tactics Meet.  The exercise sees helicopters and fast jet crews from a variety of countries join together to practice multinational combined air operations. Attendees include Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal operating alongside the Puma aircrew from the United Kingdom.

The Puma Force will complete their own pre-deployment training before taking part in combined air operations that will see several assets working together in the planning and executing of missions to achieve a single larger objective. These combined air operations enable the NATO crews to prepare for future contingency deployments, particularly where they are required to work together in unfamiliar environments.
Photo RAF

The crews will have the opportunity to plan, conduct and support a variety of tasks including air assault, aviation insertion and aviation strike missions. They will also conduct tactical formation flying as well as planning and conducting non-combatant evacuation operations. These are just some of the tasks for which the Puma Force maintain an ongoing readiness to deploy anywhere in the world to conduct if required.

Photo RAF

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