Saturday, 4 May 2019

Pieter Elbers - KLM President & CEO statement on first quarter results

" KLM’s operating result for the first quarter of 2019 shows a clear reversal of the last year’s upward trend, working out to a EUR 56 million loss. The difference compared to the same period last year is EUR 108 million, when KLM recorded a profit of EUR 52 million. This year’s quarter’s result was impacted negatively by rising fuel costs and lower revenues per unit. Furthermore, traffic remained stable as a result of operational disruptions – due largely to adverse weather conditions – while unit costs increased. We will make every effort to reduce costs in the time to come. KLM will continue to pursue its chosen path of entrepreneurship and we will continue to invest in our customers and employees."

Pieter Elbers - KLM President & CEO

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