Friday, 24 May 2019

'Inexcusable' to blame pilots for 737 Max crashes.........

The American Airlines' pilots union took to the US airwaves to criticise Boeing's insinuations that the 'foreign' pilots were to blame for the two 737 Max crashes that led to a worldwide grounding of the jets.

It was "inexcusable,"  the AA pilots union spokesperson Dennis Tajer said after Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and others at the manufacturer implied it was the actions of the pilots played a pivotal role in the chain of events that caused the crashes. "Shame on you... we're going to call you out on it. That's a poisoned, diseased philosophy."

Tajer also told CNN that American Airlines flight deck crew members gave Boeing a number of suggestions on how to improve the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS)  in November 2018, after the Lion Air crash and before the Ethiopian Airlines disaster. 

Asked if the Ethiopian crash might have been prevented if Boeing had taken action on the pilots' suggestions, Tajer said, "I think that's a fair conclusion."

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