Monday, 1 April 2019

Swoops April fools joke leaves passengers confused

The Canadian airline Swoop has issued a new product, apparently, its called Recline-for-a-Dime™ and is said to be a game changer. 

The airline issued a press release at 8am today April 1st to advise this new product was going to be configured across the fleet by the end of April 2019, and it allows travellers to insert a dime into the armrest of their seat in exchange for two-inches of 30-minute timed recline. Credit card tap is also enabled for even more convenience.

The airline says for $0.90 passengers can lie flat in economy,  "Lie-flat luxury seating seems to be all the rage these days," said Steven Greenway, President of Swoop. "Our travellers now have the option for a premium experience without breaking the bank. It's a pivotal moment in the world of ultra-low-cost travel and only the beginning for product innovation at Swoop."

Swoop conceived Recline-for-a-Dime™ while inadvertently discovering a few added benefits. Studies have shown that reclining at least six inches every 20 minutes on flights over 1.5 hours increases circulation and prevents thrombosis and swelling. Studies have also concluded a relationship between reclining and a reduction in jet lag. All the more reason to recline for a dime.  The airline expects to further develop the offering by introducing dynamic lumbar support, massage, motion-sync to streaming music and discounted recline-credits for the frequent traveller.

It looks pretty strange,  I'd hate to be the passenger behind those buying the recline for a dime service,  but hold on,  it was issued on April11st, so perhaps it is an April Fools joke.   Yet,  the press release doesn't confirm this and the press office hasn't returned our fax, so who knows!  We wondered what passengers think, so we showed some at London Gatwick, where Swoops sister airline WestJet fly to the promo video and found rather than making them laugh,  it just added a layer on confusion.

Kevin M, a building consultant told us "It's crap,  a load of rubbish."  

Robert D, who works for a high street bank was less than impressed, "That's awful,  it would crush the legs of the person sitting behind them and would really invade their personal space."

Jessica A,  a personal assistant feared using the seat, "Oh look, the person behind could easily see down your top, it's like an invitation to being groped on a flight."

DeeDee J, an account handler, "Oh god,  that looks terrible, I'm flying with them next week, hope its not on my flight. I think I'll cancel and rebook with a different airline."

Jack R, call centre worker,  "Sure I like to relax, that's really cheap...oh hang on,  isn't it 1st April!"

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