Sunday, 21 April 2019

Students become unwell on an American Airlines flight to Boston

 13 students hospitalised 

Officials are investigating how 13 students became ill on an American Airlines flight to from Miami to Boston on Sunday morning.  

American Airlines Flight AA1201, a Boeing 737 arrived at Boston's Logan Airport ahead of schedule at 0924 on Sunday morning and the students were said to be part of a group of around 40 passengers who were on a connecting flight when they all became ill.

The students affected complained of stomach upsets and sickness and were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Boston Emergency Medical Services said "This morning at approximately 9:20am, Boston EMS responded to Logan Airport with multiple units. A total of 13 patients were transported to MGH, all for symptoms that were minor in nature."

Massachusetts Port Authority Spokesperson, Samantha Decker confirmed the incident but didn't have any details of how the passengers became ill but said the symptoms were rather mild. According to American Airlines, there were no other reports of illness among passengers or crew of the flight. 

(Photos American Airlines)


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