Friday, 26 April 2019

Rescue for Alitalia

Is a rescue for the once great legacy carrier Alitalia on the way?   There has been much speculation in the European press recently that some group or conglomerate was about to invest heavily in the troubled airline.  The latest gossip is that the Italian infrastructure group Toto Holding was on the brink of signing a deal with partners, Delta and Ferrovie dello Stato - the state rail company to take on the financially crippled airline.

The new appeared in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, that the government arrange deal was about to be signed, however, so far Toto Holdings has declined to comment on the speculation on Friday.

The Italian airline has been in special administrative measures since 2017 after employees failed to approve what was the latest in a string of failed rescue and reorganisation attempts. 

The news that a rescue was on the card for Alitalia has been greeted with scorn and disbelief by aviation analysts in Europe, with one telling us, "Alitalia is like a dog with rabies, for a distance, it looks good, but upon closer inspection, perspective new masters run a mile. It needs to be put down." 

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