Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Qatar Airways hits back over false Air Italy investment claims

The Doha based Qatar Airways has hit back at recent US media speculation and political assertions that it is acting improperly over its investment in Air Italy.

Qatar Airways owns 49% of Air Italy's parent company AQA, the same amount that US mega-carrier Delta hold in Virgin and Aeromexico. It is also the same level of investment fellow gulf carrier Emirates held in Alitalia.

The national carrier of Qatar wanted to set the record straight after the recent false accusations relating to its shareholding in Air Italy. Qatar Airways’ investment in Air Italy, and operations to the United States, are fully compliant with the U.S.-Qatar Open Skies Agreement, the January 2018 U.S.-Qatar Understandings, and a side letter that accompanied the discussions.

The unfounded claims that Qatar Airways’ investment in Air Italy violates the Understandings are, the airline asserts, "entirely false."   The airline also stated that "The investment preceded the January 2018 U.S.-Qatar Understandings. The investment was announced in a July 2016 press release and was approved in writing by the European Commission (DG Competition) in March 2017. The transaction was closed in September 2017. The discussions surrounding the Understandings took place in December 2017 and January 2018.".

Qatar Airways’ investment in Air Italy was a matter of public knowledge (as were Qatar Airways’ investments in other airlines) at the time of the U.S.-Qatar discussions; airline investments were not raised as a point of concern during those talks. The Understandings do not mention or prohibit cross-border investments of any type.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways does not codeshare on any of Air Italy’s flights to the United States, and has no plans to do so. Qatar Airways is not operating any Fifth Freedom scheduled air services to the U.S.

The “Big 3” U.S. carriers have consistently demonstrated their hostility to new entrants into the U.S.-Europe market, and their attacks on Air Italy based on the identity of its minority shareholder are just another manifestation of this hostility. Air Italy, the carrier the “Big 3” cite as a major “threat” to their survival, has a fleet of just 15 aircraft and only serves one U.S. city – New York – with a daily service while other routes, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco are operated at a lower frequency.

The U.S.-Qatar Open Skies Agreement has brought enormous benefits to U.S. and Qatari consumers, businesses and communities. Qatar Airways’ services to the United States contribute to U.S. tourism and business. Qatar Airways is a long-term and loyal customer of Boeing, Gulfstream and General Electric, helping to secure tens of thousands of U.S. jobs through our continued investment in their products and is a valued partner to many other U.S. businesses.


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