Thursday, 21 March 2019

Sustainability is key to the future of Finnair

Finnair AGM 2019: 
Speeches by the Chairman of the Board and the CEO

Photo Finnair
The well respected European carrier held its annual general meeting this week and the company's leaders indicate that sustainability is key to its future. It also sees the Aisa market and digital tie-ups will be responsible for future growth.

Jouko Karvinen, Chairman of Finnair’s Board of Directors, told in his opening speech of the Finnair Annual General Meeting today that the number of Finnair shareholders has increased by approximately 8,000 since last year. “This speaks to the importance our airline and its future have for Finland and its economy,” Karvinen said.  

In his speech, Karvinen emphasised the role of sustainability as Finnair continues to develop its business.  

“Responsibility for our common planet is more important than ever before. Our generation and many before us inherited from their parents and grandparents a better world, a world that was safer, healthier and offered more and better options. Now this long chain of positive heritage is at danger of breaking. Our common home is at risk, and we all must do our share to decrease emissions,” Karvinen stated.  

“Aviation is the first industry in the world to agree on global emissions reductions targets. From next year onwards, aviation is committed to carbon neutral growth, even as flying continues to grow,” Karvinen pointed out.” We have done a lot, but we can do more. It is time to show the example, to do and achieve more, together.” 

Finnair’s CEO, Topi Manner, told the AGM he had spent his first months as a CEO to get to know Finnair thoroughly, meeting hundreds of current and former Finnair employees.  

“A big thank you goes to everyone in the Finnair team for last year’s achievements. Finnair has a competent, committed team who care about the company and about each other. Finnair employees have a strong sense of community, and this culture is a great asset for a service company,” said Manner.  

Manner continued the responsibility theme in his speech and said Finnair is targeting sustainable, profitable growth. He sees exciting opportunities in developing collaboration with digital players.  

“Responsible business is and continues to be important for Finnair. Our target is sustainable, profitable growth. Our Asian strategy forms a solid foundation for building our future,” Manner said. 

“Finnair is a growth company and in addition to Asia, I see exciting new opportunities as we develop cooperation with other digital players. Finnair is a small airline in a global perspective, but by cooperating with others we can be larger than our size. Especially in the digital world, agility is an advantage.”

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