Sunday, 3 March 2019

Ryanair rapidly shifting spares away from the UK

Budget carrier Ryanair is rapidly shifting all of its spare parts out of the UK and depositing them to its European bases, after fears of a ''no deal' Brexit increased last week.

The boss of the low-fare-high-fee airline Micahel O'Leary has long been a detracting voice against Brexit and thinks the British population were crazy to vote to leave the EU has made special instruction to virtually empty its UK maintenance stores and move the items to Germany and other European bases.

"We're concerned that it could take longer to get spare parts to airports where we need them quickly from the central storage in Stansted," said Karsten Muehlenfeld, Ryanair's director of maintenance, explaining why most have been moved to Germany, according to agency DPA.

Staff at Stansted today confirmed the company is moving many items and operations out of the UK leaving employees fearing their jobs would also go to an overseas location.