Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Qantas boss gives advice to his newest rival

Airline CEO  Alex Jacqua
It is not unusual for airline bosses to meet, however, it is out of the ordinary when one asks another for advice - and gets it.

That's what happened when the CEO of Australia's newest airline Oceania Express asked the CEO of Australia's oldest airline Qantas for advice on sleep on long flights, starting an airline and things a CEO has to do.

The exchange of letters between Alex Jacquat CEO of Oceania Express (10) and Alan Joyce CEO of Qantas (Considerably older than 10) was shared via social media. The letters show that a meeting of minds has begun and has resulted in the Qantas boss inviting his newest rival around for a tour of the Qantas operations centre and a meeting between. 

Read on for the letters:-

Thank you to Qantas for sharing these images.