Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Norwegian grounds its Boeing 737 Max 8's

The budget airline Norwegian angrily suspends its Boeing 737 Max 8 operations.  The award-winning airline refused to ground its fleet of the twin-jet Max aircraft, saying it trusted in Boeing. However, following a number of European aviation authorities banning the type from operating in their respective airspace, the airline has finally reluctantly agreed to halt its Boeing 737 Max flights.

The airline confirmed it would temporarily suspend operations of Boeing 737 MAX.  All aircraft that are currently airborne will continue to destination or return to its home base. The airline also said that it would work on re-allocating our fleet options with other aircraft types, re-bookings to other flights and combining flights to minimise the inconvenience to its passengers. "We would like to apologise to customers who are affected, but the safety and security of our customers and colleagues will never be compromised." the airline assured. 

Tomas Hesthammer, Norwegian’s acting Chief Operating Officer said: “In response to the temporary suspension of Being 737 MAX operations by multiple aviation authorities we have taken the decision to not operate flights using this aircraft type until advised otherwise by the relevant aviation authorities. We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused, however, safety will always remain our top priority.”