Thursday, 21 February 2019

WestJet's dreamliner debut

WestJet's Dreamliner made its official commercial debut yesterday when it operated its first revenue flight from Toronto's Pearson International Airport to Calgary.

The "First revenue flight on the Dreamliner has been years in the making," said Arved von zur Muehlen, WestJet Chief Commercial Officer. "There are big things in store for tail 901 as it is the first 787 that will take WestJet global."

The aircraft will operate on domestic flights for crew training and regulatory compliance before the first scheduled international flight between Calgary and London Gatwick on April 28th.

WestJet took delivery of its first of 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners in January 2019 and the second Dreamliner arrived on February 19, 2019. The airline will receive the third aircraft in March. Hub locations and routes for the remaining seven aircraft have not yet been announced.

WestJet also has options for an additional 10 aircraft to arrive between 2020 and 2024.

More humid cabin air means your throat and eyes suffer less dryness
Cabin is pressurized to 2,000 ft lower than the standard 6000ft, making it easier to breathe
HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtering technology - the same used in hospital operating rooms

A quiet air conditioner and technology that reduces vibrations in 
sidewalls, ceilings, and softens engine noise
Better speakers make the public address system easy to hear

The biggest window size of any aircraft, positioned so that everyone can enjoy the views
Dreamliner interior includes high vaulted ceiling, wide body, and adjustable LED lighting
No more shades - windows are dimmable at the touch of a button

(Images WestJet)

787 Dreamliner
Guest capacity320
EngineGeneral Electric GEnx
Economy seat pitch31”
Premium seat pitch38”
Business seat pitch46”
Cruise speedMach 0.85
Maximum altitude41000ft
Range7,635 nautical miles (8,786 mi; 14,140 km) range
Wingspan60.17m (197.4ft)
Length63m (206ft)
Height (total)17.02m (55.10ft)
Cargo container dimensionsWestJet preloads items into a container, then loads the container into the aircraft cargo compartment. Containers measure 64 in. (162.4 cm) in height, while depth and width vary by container.

Seat map
787-9 Seat Map