Thursday, 28 February 2019

The new Air France La Première comfort kit is revealed

A new perk for the premier passenger travelling on Air France is the new comfort amenity kits. Yes, the European airline is trying to win back the highly lucrative passengers that turn left when boarding, with a funky new kit.

Over the past few days, Air France has been offering its customers a brand new comfort kit exclusively available on board the La Première cabin. Available in a choice of two colours (“Iced Mocha” and “French grey”), this kit with an imitation leather finish and magnetic fastening sums up in three words the unique experience that Air France wishes to offer its La Première customers - exclusivity, refinement and personalization.

Inside this “designer” kit, customers will find a range of facial and body care treatments from the prestigious cosmetics company Carita for their enhanced well-being on board -

    A moisturizing and regenerating cream, ‘Baume de nuit’ (10ml);
    An eye care product, ‘Combleur Fondamental’ (7ml) ;
    A cream for the eyes and lips, ‘Soin sublimateur 3 Ors’ (7ml);
    An original youthful hand serum, ‘Progressif Lift fermeté’ (10ml);

The kit also contains extra items for additional comfort, such as an exclusive offer for a hair care treatment with styling*, a comb, a night mask, earplugs, earphone covers and a pen with Air France’s emblem, the winged seahorse.

Renewed every six months, the Air France La Première kit is designed as a true gift for customers to take home with them after the trip.

Carita, enhanced beauty products exclusively for our La Première customers

Carita, a luxury brand of professional beauty products, accompanies La Première customers on board. In addition to the beauty products available in the new La Première kit, the French cosmetics brand also offers make-up removal and moisturizing products available to all throughout the flight:

    A hydro-energizing make-up remover for the face, eyes and lips, “Gelée des Lagons”;
    A hydro-energizing mist lotion, “Eau des Lagons”;
    An ultra-nourishing oil for the face, body and hair, "Fluide de Beauté 14**;
    An ultra-moisturizing treatment for the body, “Lait de Beauté 14**”.

*Free with any purchase of a 1 hour 30-minute face treatment and valid exclusively at La Maison de Beauté Carita Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
**Available only onboard A380 aircraft equipped with La Première cabin.

Would these kits help you chose Air France over other carriers?  Would they provide exactly what you need?  Do they look luxurious, stylish and collectable?