Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The cameras are disabled.....

One of the World's most popular air carriers, Singapore Airlines, has had to reassure passengers that its new in-flight entertainment systems are not spying on them, after eagle eyes passengers spotted cameras on the newer systems.

The airline confirmed on Tuesday, February 19th that some of the hardware for the new onboard entertainment systems did actually have cameras embedded in them by the manufacturers. “Some of our newer in-flight entertainment systems provided by the original equipment manufacturers do have a camera provisioned and embedded in the hardware," an airline spokesperson told local media.

Currently, there are over 80 aircraft with the newer in-flight entertainment systems with the camera embedded within them operating in the Singapore Airlines fleet. Those aircraft include the carriers Airbus A350-900s, Airbus A380s and Boeing 777 and 787 models.

Singapore Airlines confirmed that the "Cameras have been permanently disabled on our aircraft and cannot be activated on board,". Whilst the manufacturers may have future plans to use the cameras, the airline does not,  "We have no plans to enable or develop any features using the cameras." a spokesperson confirmed.
Some passengers, however, have expressed scepticism and suggested that the airline cover up the camera permanently either with plastic or by the application of a sticker. Others suggest a more pragmatic approach and suggest taking some form of masking tape on your next Singapore Airlines flight to put over the tiny camera.

Although, if you are worried about what a (disabled) camera might have captured, then perhaps that is not the sort of behaviour that should be done in an aircraft seat!

(Images Singapore Airlines)