Saturday, 5 January 2019

Ryanair tops the list as the worst airline - again

Photo Ryanair
Yet again the Irish headquartered low-cost-high-fee airline Ryanair has won the top spot in an airline rankings list of the top and bottom of UK airlines.

For the sixth year running Ryanair has been ranked as the worst airline of the year in the Which magazine annual survey. The airline, headed by the bombastic bullying Michael O'Leary was firmly placed bottom of the list of 19 carriers flying out of the UK. 

Ryanair has just managed to get an Air Operators Certificate from the UK's Civil Aviation Authority earlier this week, which will allow it to continue to operate UK domestic and UK to non-EU routes after Brexit - even if there is no deal. 

Ryanair’s Juliusz Komorek said, “The risk of a ‘no deal’ Brexit in March is rising, and despite our robust post-Brexit structures, including our post-Brexit plan around European ownership, we continue to call for the UK and EU to agree a transition deal from 31 March 2019, so that any disruption to flights and British consumer summer holidays in 2019 can be avoided.”

On the results of the survey, the airline spokesperson said the company didn't care about the results, for the airline's success was not reflected by the survey.