Monday, 7 January 2019

Wreckage did 'most likely' come from MH370

Photo  AFP
According to officials, small items of wreckage located on a beach in Madagascar last year are most likely to have come from the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The debris had been handed over to Anthony Loke, the Malaysian Transport Minister at the end of November last year by a beaching combing amateur hunter, Blaine Gibson along with relatives of a few of the passengers on the aircraft when it disappeared.

According to an official Malaysian report from the MH370 Safety Investigation Team, the 5 items had come from an aircraft and a section of the floor had come from a Boeing 777, which was 'most likely MH370.'

The small section of floor has part of a white label on it which bears half of a serial number WPPS61, which researchers have found would match that found on a Boeing 777 aircraft. Where the bulk of the wreckage of the aircraft is, still remains a mystery, with many people believing it was just outside the official search area.