Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Air France gets Healthy!

From today, Air France customers will be able to order a new “A la Carte Menu” named Healthy. Particularly attentive to its customers’ well-being throughout their trip, Air France is today enhancing its in-flight dining offer. The company has thus created a light and naturally balanced menu, inviting customers to enjoy fresh, gourmet products on board a long-haul flight.  

Available in Premium Economy and Economy cabins on long-haul flights as from April 1st, the Healthy Menu comprises a starter, a main dish, cheese and dessert -

Spring/summer menu from April to September 2019:

Starter: Duo of quinoa salad and soft white cheese fragranced with spices, radish pickles and green asparagus tips with olive oil
Main dish: Grilled chicken with thyme and rosemary, sauce vierge and green vegetable medley
Cheese: Ash-coated goat’s cheese with a pumpkin seed crumble
Dessert: Bourbon vanilla pannacotta, strawberry, red fruit and lime tartare

Autumn/winter menu from October 2019 to March 2020:

Starter: Lentil salad with balsamic vinegar, cubed celery and carrot, red onion and preserved lemon zest pickle
Main dish: Pollack in mandarin sauce, tangy yellow carrot and broccoli mousse
Cheese: Fresh goat’s cheese, wholegrain mustard and honey green vinaigrette
Dessert: Baked pear with orange blossom honey on cottage cheese, served with dried cranberries and crushed speculoos  

.The Healthy menu is available for purchase from 90 days up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure. This new gourmet offer will be available upon booking as from January 9, 2019 on in the “Manage my bookings” section, when checking in online, by telephone 36541 or at Air France ticket offices for €21 incl. VAT or 7,000 Flying Blue Miles as an alternative to the menu offered on board.

À la Carte Menus, a gourmet experience in the sky

As an alternative to the complimentary menu served on board, Premium Economy and Economy customers can choose from 6 A la Carte Menus, including 5 on departure from Paris and 3 on departure from the French Overseas Departments, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia2.

On departure from Paris, as of April 1st, 20192:

Ocean Menu
Tradition Menu
Healthy Menu
My Fun Menu
On departure from the French Overseas Departments, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia3:

Ocean Menu
Tradition Menu
Italia Menu
These menus, available at a price varying between 12 and 28 euros incl. VAT, or between 4,000 and 8,500 Flying Blue Miles, can be ordered online on, when purchasing your ticket in “Your reservation / in-flight meal”, via the Air France app “Bookings / Options and preferences”, when checking in online and at our call centres and Air France ticket offices up to 24 hours before departure.