Sunday, 30 December 2018

Hanover Airport had to close as man crashed through a fence and drove directly onto the apron.

Photo Billy Saunders
A security breach at Hanover Airport caused major disruption on Saturday afternoon, closing the airport for several hours.

All flights were halted around 1540 local time on Saturday when a man in a car with Polish number plates drove through a fence at the airport's parameter and made accord the tarmac and down a major taxiway.

According to the local police, officers were able to stop the car and overpower the driver and he was taken into custody. The driver has not yet been named and whilst the car had Polish plates the man nationality is unknown at this stage.  Images from the airport showed the stopped vehicle and security response close to the rear of an Aegean Airlines aircraft on the taxiway. 

All flights were suspended while the incident took place and during the following preliminary investigation. Later on, during the evening the suspect's car was declared safe and flying operations resumed. 

The incident has been viewed as somewhat of an embarrassment to the local police and security services, for it was little more than a week ago that the German police announced they were tightening airport security due to terrorism fears.