Friday, 28 December 2018

Boeing sued over Lion Air crash for unreasonably dangerous aircraft

Photo Fauzy Chaniago/ AP
The US aircraft giant Boeing is being sued by another family of one of those killed in the 737 Max of Lion Air that crashed into the Java Sea back in October this year.

The aircraft had taken off from Jakarta on October 29th but crashed shortly after and the crash sent shock waves around the world to all operators of the brand new Boeing 737 Max aircraft.  

According to court papers, filed in Chicago, the family of Onggo Wardoyo state the brand new Boeing 737 Max was unreasonably dangerous as certain sensors provided inaccurate data to its flight control systems which caused the anti-stall protection system to engage improperly. Boeing also, according to the papers, failed to give adequate instructions to pilots on how best to respond to and turn off the anti-stall systems on the aircraft.

Thomas Demetrio,  a lawyer representing the Wardoyo family told media, that “It was like Boeing first blindfolded and then tied the hands of the pilots,”   

It is understood that at least three other families of some of the 189 people on board the doomed aircraft that all perished have started legal proceedings against Boeing.  Many citing the warnings Boeing issued after the Lion Air crash had come too late and the manufacturer knew of the issues of the sensors long before the crash.