Thursday, 8 November 2018

Swooper fare offering coming from a Canadian airline tomorrow.

It seems like the low-cost Canadian carrier Swoop is getting desperate for sales with the introduction of a very limited time sales period for some discounted fares. 

From tomorrow the budget carrier from WestJet will have a new feature on its website that has been designed to stimulate sales. Swoop are calling this new deal FlyDay Fares and these are time-limited special offer fares that will only be available between 1100 and l500  3:00 p.m. MST each Friday. The markets offered for this little period of sale will vary from week-to-week, presumably, whichever route hasn't been selling well over the preceding week. 

Karen McIsaac, Senior Advisor of Communications at Swoop believes "FlyDay Fares are a fun way to play with spontaneous travel. Let the weekly sale determine which city you will explore next or check back every Friday for a sale-fare on that certain trip you've been planning. The weekends just got a little more Swooper."


(Image Swoop)