Monday, 19 November 2018

KLM's new VR experience negates the reason for travelling.

Starting today, if you’re in the mood for a faraway trip, you won’t even have to leave your home to do so as KLM Royal Dutch Airline introduces its new iFly virtual reality (VR) system!

The iFly VR experience allows people to take a virtual trip, we're told it is a near-lifelike journey and it is supposed to inspire people to travel and discover the world with the help of the latest technology. However, some say the films are so good that it actually negates the need or reason to travel. With the new iFly system using VR glasses, or on a tablet or smartphone people can experience breath-taking 360-degree videos that take in all the splendour of the surroundings. You'll be able to enjoy a ride across rivers, sit among the locals at a ceremony and so much more.  

"By introducing virtual reality, KLM is again blazing a new trail to inspire people and give them the ultimate experience. Our digital iFly magazine reaches millions of people. With the help of iFly, we are constantly looking for new ways to inspire people to discover the world." Boet Kreiken, EVP Customer Experience.

Arkle Rasmussen, a Dutch-Norwegian VR reporter told us that "The KLM iFly is well put together, it is better than travelling as there is no high fares, no lost baggage, no hours and hours of sitting in a jet next to stranger, no need for a visa or health shots. Yet you get all the benefits of learning and seeing new cultures. It negates the reason for travel." 

KLM's new VR experience negates the reason for travelling.

(Images from KLM's iFly VR)