Thursday, 11 October 2018

Wizz Air changes baggage policy........

One of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, Wizz Air, is changing its baggage policy from 1st November, the airline confirmed this week.

The new and transparent baggage policy is aimed at easing boarding for passengers and guarantees all passengers can bring one free carry-on bag. 

As of 1 November, every passenger is entitled to bring one free carry-on bag (40x30x20 cm) on board, while those passengers who purchase WIZZ Priority will be allowed to carry a trolley bag (55x40x23 cm) into the cabin as well. Based on customer feedback and the changing travel patterns, Wizz Air has introduced a 10kg checked-in bag to facilitate comfortable travel experience with prices starting from as low as €7.

It is hoped the new policy will give passengers a variety of options for baggage, Johan Eidhagen, Chief Marketing Officer of Wizz Air said: “Passengers want unbundled products and that is at the heart of the Ultra Low-Cost Model, Wizz Air applies too. We want to offer our customers the lowest possible fares as well as a transparent view into ticket pricing. By unbundling products and services, Wizz Air democratises the way of travelling and allows for a pay-per-need offer.”

"We encourage our passengers to pack smart and purchase WIZZ Priority, which includes a free carry-on bag (40x30x20 cm), a trolley bag (55x40x23 cm) to be carried on board, Priority check in and Priority boarding from as low as €5."

Johan Eidhagen added: “We are delighted to introduce our new, transparent and fair-for-all baggage policy which offers the widest selection of baggage choices for our customers, while allowing a free carry-on bag for every passenger. We are convinced that our versatile offer of more than 50 baggage combinations will address the needs of our customers in a personalised manner and our passengers will continue to pay only for those services they want to use. Starting 1 November we will make travelling more comfortable while continuously offering the lowest possible fares throughout our extensive network of 143 destinations in 44 countries.”