Saturday, 27 October 2018

Leicester City owner's helicopter crashes outside club's stadium

The helicopter belonging to the owner of Leicester City Football Club in the UK has crashed into the car park just outside the King Power Stadium just moments after taking off from the pitch.

There was a massive fireball after the helicopter came down just seconds after taking off from the clubs pitch inside the stadium, like it does after every home game.  Early indications and eyewitness reports are that there was a technical problem with the helicopters tail rotor that caused the aircraft to spin out of control. 

The helicopter, an AgustaWestland AW109, registration G-VSKP, had taken off of from the centre of the pitch at 2030 on Saturday 27th October. It came down in car park E, which is the staff parking area of the car park, approximately 190 yards from the stadium.  Emergency services were soon at the scene and at this stage, it is not known who was on the helicopter or if there were any casualties on the ground.

Images below of the helicopter on the pitch and taking off just seconds before the crash from BT TV who had been filming the earlier match between Leicester City and West Ham. It is not known yet if the chairman and owner of the club was on the helicopter at the time of the crash.