Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Jetlines makes another step forward in the race to get airbourne

Canada Jetlines has taken another massive leap forward in its race to get in the air, the company announced this week that it has completed a second set of advance lease payments to leading aircraft leasing firm, AerCap.

These lease payments are for two Airbus A320 aircraft, that are currently flying with Air New Zealand and near the end of their lease term with the kiwi airline.  Delivery of Airbus A320 MSNs 2594 and 2663 which are around 12 years old and are expected by early in the second quarter of 2019. These two planes are virtually identical in design, features, and equipment, allowing Jetlines to expedite the necessary training and maintenance processes to commence operations at an earlier date. 

Jetlines has made another deposit to AerCap for USD $438,000 per the terms of the agreement and in a demonstration of the continued partnership. To date, Jetlines has made payments totalling USD $2,190,000 toward securing these aircraft. CEO Javier Suarez stated “Our operations team has worked diligently on securing quality aircraft, carrying out a meticulous vetting process to ensure that the aircraft are fit for Jetlines’ ultra-low-cost operation. As a part of the process, Jetlines retained Lufthansa Technik to accomplish the preliminary inspection prior to the lease agreement completion to ensure the aircraft suitability and condition. Both AerCap and Air New Zealand have been proactive in supporting the transfer of data and information to Jetlines in order to allow the early entry into service. We look forward to getting these aircraft off the ground and to finally bring low fares to Canada.”