Monday, 8 October 2018

F16's escort KLM jet to Amsterdam after unruly passenger gets angry.

There was drama in the skies over Germany on Saturday and a KLM flight was escorted by two Dutch Air Force F16 fighters to Amsterdam after an American passenger became aggressive.

The 29-year-old American man had become aggressive towards the purser on the flight after apparently being asked to return to his seat. It is then that a scuffle broke out and members of the cabin crew with the help of other passengers, that the offending American was restrained, according to reports from the Dutch border control.

According to local media, the KLM flight from Abu Dhabi was around thirty minutes from its destination and home base of the airline Amsterdam's Schipol Airport when the drama unfolded.  The passenger, who has not been named' as taken into custody when the flight arrived at the airport after being given an expedited arrival and escorted by the fighters.

The Dutch border police told local media that a small number of passengers had been slightly wounded by the man's aggression, who was taken into custody at the airport and was said to be in a disorientated state, he later underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

A KLM spokesperson told local media that staff had followed the correct procedures for when dealing with unruly passengers and said the airline 'regretted the unpleasant incident'. 

F16's escort KLM jet to Amsterdam after unruly passenger gets angry.