Wednesday, 3 October 2018

British Airways lists the to 19 'Must- See' destinations for 2019.......with some surprises.

Number 3 on the list is Osaka. Photo British Airways
The UK's British Airways has picked its top 19 must-see destinations for 2019, in its annual travel predictions. 

Durban features on the list for the first time and is the number 1 must-see destination for 2019. Located on South Africa’s sublime Indian Ocean coast, 350 miles south-east of Johannesburg, Durban is a tropical, urban gem offering upmarket guesthouses, trendy bars and stylish restaurants overlooking the azure ocean and sweeping beaches.

Also in those 19 must-see places according to BA are popular party hotspot Las Vegas and the romantic paradise of the Seychelles.  

Osaka takes the third spot on the list of top destinations, beaten only by Durban and oddly Pittsburgh. Although it should also be noted that all nominated destinations are ones that BA have routes to, so perhaps this listing from the airline is more sales ploy than a true reflection of the merits of individual destinations. Closer to home, Cologne and Kos are tipped for popularity next year says the airline as it seeks to promote its new routes and crawl back some of the passengers its lost to European low-cost carriers and its long-haul competitors. 

British Airways Top 19 for 2019 features:

·       Durban
·       Pittsburgh
·       Osaka
·       Marrakesh
·       Seychelles
·       Barbados
·       Toronto
Photo British Airways
·       Edinburgh
·       Sofia
·       Salzburg
·       Malta
·       Cologne
·       Sydney
·       Croatia
·       Kos
·       Cancun
·       Las Vegas
·       Dubai
·       Tokyo.

Are these really the 'Must-See' destinations for 2019?  Perhaps you have a different view, a city that is top of the polls for you, or a resort that has stolen your heart and mind, feel free to tell us, email news @

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