Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Singapore Airlines pilot over the limit to fly

Passengers in Melbourne waiting for a Singapore Airlines flight to Wellington and then on to Singapore had a longer wait than expected after one of the flight crew was found to be over the alcohol limit to fly.

Passengers waiting for the SQ247 report being told that the pilot was 'under the weather' first and claim that Singapore staff lied to them.  

A spokesperson for Singapore Airlines Karl Schubert told media that the flight had been cancelled because “an operating crew member was deemed unfit to fly". The Australian “Civil Aviation Safety Authority officials undertook a random drug and alcohol test of all crew prior to them starting their pre-flight checks,” 

“The pilot in question did not pass the test due to having a higher than suitable blood alcohol limit. The pilot in question was stood down and has been suspended from all duties effective immediately."

The pilot in question has returned to Singapore and an investigation by officials from both Singapore and Australia has started. "We will also work closely with the Australian and Singaporean authorities to ensure they are supplied the information they require.” the spokesperson said.